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How does a clarifier work?2017-06-22T16:01:45+00:00

Clarifiers help to clear cloudy water by causing the suspended particles to stick together, making it easier for the filter system to catch and filter them out. Great for clearing the pool and as part of your weekly maintenance.

What do the different algaecides do?2017-06-22T16:01:21+00:00
  • 90 Day Algae Out – Contains 11.8% active copper which kills and prevents blue-green, black and yellow algae. This non-foaming formula lasts 3 months.
  • Green Algae Out – Contains 7.41% active copper to control the growth of yellow, green and black algae. Us as part of your weekly maintenance routine.
  • Algae Out 60 – A non-metallic, non-corrosive and non-foaming polymer based algaecide. Prevents and kills black, green and yellow/mustard algae.
What’s the difference in shocks?2017-06-22T16:00:39+00:00
  • Oxidizing Shock & Swim – If there are high levels of organic waste in the pool the available chlorine is used up ‘sanitizing’ that and gives bacteria and algae the ability to grow. This non-chlorine shock oxidizes the organic waste which helps clarify the pool water and allows the free chlorine to work on controlling bacteria and algae. The advantage to this shock is you only have to wait 15 minutes to swim.
  • Fast Acting Pool Shock 73 – This shock will increase your free chlorine level without increasing cyanuric acid (stabilizer). However, you need to dissolve one pound in five gallons of water before you add it to the pool. Use extra care when using Fast Acting Pool Shock 73 on pool surfaces that may be subject to bleaching, especially vinyl pools.
  • Multi-Purpose Shock – This shock is, well, multipurpose. It can be used to shock your pool and as regular chlorine treatment. There is no need to dissolve before adding it to the pool. Multi-Purpose Shock is stabilized and has a near neutral pH. It dissolves rapidly, will not bleach or stain vinyl liners and is safer for fiberglass or painted surfaces.
Why do I need to shock my pool?2017-06-22T15:59:47+00:00

For clear and clean pool water, shock treatments should be used on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. It’s necessary to regularly shock your pool to eliminate chloramines. A strong chlorine smell indicates the presence of chloramines which is a sign your pool water is no longer clean and sanitized.

Why is it important to be sure that my pool water’s chemistry is correct?2017-06-22T15:59:22+00:00

The perfect balance of your pool chemicals give you an enjoyable swimming experience, sanitizes the pool water and protects your pool and equipment.