• ECO Fast Acting Pool Shock 73 restores crystal clarity to pool water, sanitizes, prevents algae, and shock treats your pool.
    • Kills bacteria
    • Controls algae
    • Destroys organic contaminants
    • Restores clarity to pool water
    Available in 1lb.
  • ECO Multi-purpose Shock requires no pre-mixing and dissolves quickly with no residue. Excellent for routine pool shock treatments throughout the season.
    • Non-clouding
    • Dissolves quickly
    • Restores clarity
    • Great for all type of pool surfaces, including vinyl
    Available in 1lb.
  • ECO Oxidizing Shock & Swim is a non-chlorine pool shock that removes organic contaminants. This pool shock allows you to swim in just 15 minutes after application and is compatible with bromine, chlorine, and alternative sanitizers.
    • Non-chlorine oxidizer
    • Removes organic contaminates
    Available in 1lb.