• ECO Alkalinity prevents rapid pH changes and "stabilizes" the pH level.
    • Boosts the effectiveness of pool water disinfectant, aids in the prevention of pool scale formations, metal corrosion, and etching of pool surfaces
    • Prevents pH 'bounce'
    • Contains 100% active ingredient (sodium hydrogen carbonate)
    Available in 5lb & 10lb.
  •  ECO Calcium Hardness helps prevent damage to metal pool equipment and pool surfaces.
    • Increases calcium to prevent etching of pool surface
    • Contains 100% active ingredient (calcium chloride compound)
    Available in 8 lb.
  • ECO Stabilizer helps prevent your chlorine from being eaten by the sun's ultraviolet light.
    • Helps reduce the loss of chlorine caused by ultraviolet rays
    • Saves money by reducing chlorine demand
    • Contains 98% active ingredient (cyanuric acid)
    Available in 4lb & 8lb.